Travel Fund

The Graduate Council Travel Fund offers grants to graduate students to assist with expenses for traveling to academic conferences and other events. Applications are reviewed by fellow graduate students and the grants are awarded competitively based primarily on application quality, provided all other requirements are met. The main requirements include: submitting the application at least 7 days in advance of your travel start date, not having received a travel grant from the Graduate Council in the last 3 years, and being enrolled as a graduate student at the time of your event. There are no exceptions. Please see the Policies and Instructions for additional requirements for Advanced/Basic awards.

The Travel Fund is entirely run by graduate student volunteers with the same busy schedules as any other students. With over 400 applications received last year, demand has required that some of our systems be automated. Please be respectful of the committee's time and read the instructions thoroughly before submitting an application and take the time to carefully answer the given application prompts. If you wish to receive a funding answer before your event, please apply 3-4 months in advance. Any issues that arise from not reading the instructions are the responsibility of the applicant.

Please note that the fund is competitive. If you are not accepted by the time of your event, you are taking a financial risk as if you are not eventually awarded a travel grant you will be responsible for the costs. Financial need currently plays a small role in the overall application judgement process.

Thank you for taking the time to apply and we can't wait to hear about the all of your great work! For concerns or questions not addressed in the instructions, please email

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advanced fund

Applicants to the advanced fund must be applying for travel to academic conferences to present their own original research. Awardees are granted $600 in reimbursement upon return.


basic fund

Applicants to the basic fund can apply for funding to conferences, case competitions, and other trips related to their academic program, either individually or on behalf of a group of up to 5 people. Awardees are granted $350 in reimbursement upon return.


join our review committee

We are always looking for graduate students to help review applications. Learn what other students are doing on campus, and review at any time, even from the comfort of your home. The committee meets during times of high application volume as necessary with dinner provided.